Garden Pest Control

4 Ways to Win at Summer Pest Control

Summer pest control is different from winter pest control. Instead of worrying about rats and mice, you need to focus on mosquitoes and ticks. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to avoid infestations in your home and yard. Below are four ways to prevent summer pests from invading your property. 1.Remove Outside Fruits and Vegetables

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The Most Common Types of Ants in Utah Can Damage Your Home

Learning about the most common types of ants in Utah can help protect your house from these invaders and the damage they do. A comprehensive, statewide study found that Utah has more than 150 species of ants. Luckily, as a homeowner you don’t need to know about all the subtle differences of these species. What’s more useful is knowing about the five

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The Most Common Bug Bites

The Most Common Bug Bites in Utah

While most bug bites are just annoying, some can be painful and harmful to your health. Being able to identify the most common types of bug bites in Utah will help you know whether you need to seek medical treatment when you discover a bite on your skin. Utah’s diverse landscape attracts residents from far and wide. However, not all of

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Prevent Pests

Prevent Pests with These 3 Easy Home Improvement Projects

Most homeowners think they’re doing all they can to prevent pests from invading their living quarters. But they may be wrong. With decades in the exterminator business, we know a thing or two about how to prevent pests. We know with flies bombarding your summer barbeques and ants attacking your picnics, the last place you

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Do You Need an Exterminator for Voles?

At first glance, voles seem cute and furry. They are small rodents, about the size of house mice. They are covered in hair, from their noses down to their tails. With a short body and legs, they can look quite adorable. However, you don’t want to let these creatures stick around if you can avoid it.

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Why are Cockroaches Bad?

Do you know why cockroaches are bad? Sure, they look creepy with all their legs, but that’s not why they’re listed as a major pest in the world.  At a first glance, cockroaches seem benign. They don’t bite, they’re not poisonous like black widow spiders; so what is it that makes them so undesirable?  Unfortunately, there’s not

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bed bugs

You Have Bedbugs. Now What?

The dreaded bedbugs have arrived. Before you decide to burn all your stuff and move, you should know there is another way. While these bugs can be pesky and stubborn, they’re not invincible. That means there’s hope that you can find comfort and peace in your home again. The first step is correctly identifying the bugs. What Are

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4 Spiders in Utah You’ll Want to Avoid

If the idea of spiders in Utah makes your skin crawl, you’re not alone. Spiders are not only creepy, they can be dangerous as well. While most of the spiders you see won’t fall into this second category, it’s important to know what they look like just in case. The main threat from spiders is the damage they can cause to

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Avoid Ants

5 Ways to Avoid Ants this Summer

Want to avoid ants this summer? You’re not alone. Homeowners all over the United States try everything under the sun to prevent and get rid of these pesky insects.  Unfortunately, their DIY solutions don’t always work as planned. That’s why we’re here to give you five fail-safe ways to avoid ants this summer.  Clean up Food

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pest control

Spring Pest Control: Everything You Need to Know

Learning about spring pest control can help you avoid insect problems and enjoy the warm weather at the same time.  During winter, most insects burrow deep into the ground and hibernate until the cold season passes. While we love the warmth of the sun, it, unfortunately, means we now have to compete with these hungry pests.  Below we

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