birds pest types rain gutters

Birds and Other Pest Types Found in Your Rain Gutters

For many home and building owners in Utah, the late winter or early spring period we’re in right now is one where they perform yearly inspections or checkups on their rain gutters after the bulk of the winter is past. One possible issue some may find, either at this time of year or some others:

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protecting vehicle wires rodent chewing

Protecting West Valley Vehicle Wires from Rodent Chewing

When it comes to rodents like mice and rats, particularly during the winter, many homeowners are naturally concerned about these animals invading the home itself. And while this is a legitimate concern that should be managed, especially if you’ve had rodent issues in the past, there’s another to be aware of as well: The safety

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cockroach resiliency how deal

On Cockroach Resiliency – And How to Deal With Them

There’s a reason why, when making reference to a person or item that’s seemingly invincible or very hard to get rid of, cockroaches are often the chosen comparison point. These are some of the most resilient insects on the planet, often able to live through situations most others would be killed off by — but

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bird species classified pests

On Bird Species Actually Classified as Pests

Especially during seasons like spring and the fall period we’re currently in, many birds migrate between northern and southern regions, finding new places to nest and protect their young. And while the vast majority of these birds are protected from hunting, poaching and other forms of population control, there are a few specific species that

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risks ignoring bed bug infestation

Risks in Ignoring Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

There are several reasons you might be putting off dealing with a bed bug issue in your home, from a busy life to potential concerns about having third parties inside your house. We’re here, however, to tell you that there are major risks in prolonging a bed bug infestation — and that prompt action against

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picture of an ant

Common Ant Types Found in SLC and Utah

Those who spend plenty of time outdoors in Utah have likely come across at least a few different species of ants. There are hundreds of such species in the world, including dozens that are found in Utah — some are more common than others, of course, and some create greater property or garden issues than

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Dealing With Cockroaches Coming Up Sink Drains

Cockroaches are one of the more persistent and frustrating insects that may cause a pest infestation in a home or building, and their ability to live for weeks without food or water, and in extreme conditions, is part of this. One potential location where you may see cockroaches if they’re invading your home, due to

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bed bugs

Telling SLC Bed Bugs and Ticks Apart

There are a few different pest types that appear similar and are sometimes confused for one another, and one good example here is the bed bug versus the tick. Both small insects, and carrying some similar feeding habits, it’s common for bed bugs and ticks to be mixed up – but in reality, they have

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Other Pests Often Mistaken for Termites

When it comes to pest control, one of the single most important roles played by home or building owners is identification of pests. This begins with noting that a pest infestation is taking place, first and foremost, but in some cases may also extend to homeowners who are able to actually identify the pest type

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pests bite

Identifying Common Pests by Their Bite

For many home or building owners who have dealt with pests at some point in the past, identification is one of the most frustrating elements of this process. Especially when it comes to insects, there are a whole host of different pest types out there, many of which are very small and look somewhat similar

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