complete guide ant control

The Complete Guide To Ant Control

There are a few pest types that are especially well-known due to how common they are around the globe, and ants are perhaps the single most notable example. Ants can create a variety of issues in a home or building, from simple annoyance or aesthetic concerns to property damage, health concerns and more – but

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common causes rodent infestation

Common Causes of Rodent Infestation

There are a few larger pests that no one ever wants to see in their homes, and rodents like mice and rats are key examples here. There are a few common causes of rodent infestations in homes, and knowing these general causes – and how to steer clear of them – can be very helpful

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bird netting installation maintenance

Bird Netting Installation and Maintenance Tips

For those who experience significant bird infestation issues on their home or other properties, bird netting is one of the most well-known and potentially useful products to assist you here. There are a few key things to be thinking about with regard to bird netting if you’re looking into it, and basic installation and maintenance

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signs mice rats home

Possible Signs of Mice or Rats in Your Home

While many people naturally think of insects and other kinds of bugs when they hear the term “pest control,” there are actually several species or types that fit this description – including some larger concerns. Rodents, particularly rats and mice, can create significant pest issues in and around your home, and knowing the signs that

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homeowners insurance termite damage

On Homeowners Insurance and Termite Damage

Many people will often have questions about certain forms of insurance and what they cover, and homeowners insurance is a common example. One particular issue that many homeowners wonder about if it’s become a problem for their home: Termite damage or any kinds of concerns created by these harmful insects.  At A-1 Exterminators, we’re here

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flea tick infestation prevention

Flea and Tick Infestation Prevention Tips

If you’re the owner of a furry pet like a cat or especially a dog, you may be dreading the start of a season we’re just approaching: Flea and tick season. Both these parasites tend to become more active when the weather warms up and moves toward spring and summer, and these sorts of household

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early indicators termite infestation

Early Indicators of a Possible Termite Infestation

There are a few pests that are especially well-known for good reason, and one great example here is the termite. Termites can wreak havoc on wood structures and are widely known for this, and home and building owners are regularly looking for ways to prevent them – including some of the early signs that an

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commercial settings bird netting

Commercial Settings Where Bird Netting is Valuable

Amongst the multiple variations of bird control employed to prevent bird habituation, one of the most well-known is bird netting. Bird netting is a fantastic solution for businesses and other commercial entities looking to guard against birds looking to land, roost, and nest on their properties. At A-1 Exterminators, we offer high-quality bird netting and

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common pests found kitchen

Most Common Pests Often Found in the Kitchen

There are a few locations where pest infestations are even more problematic than they’d already be in a broad sense, and one of these is within the kitchen. Whether we’re talking about a commercial kitchen in a restaurant, a home kitchen in a residence or anything in between, there are a few pest types that

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avoiding restaurant pest infestations

Understanding and Avoiding SLC Restaurant Pest Infestations

Pest control is vital in virtually any business setting, but carries an especially large importance in certain particular industries. One of the single best examples here: The restaurant industry, in which pest infestations are not just a temporary hassle or annoyance, but a major problem that can impact your restaurant’s reputation for years to come. 

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