Preventing Pigeon Infestation and Damage, Part 2

preventing pigeon infestation damage

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the broad options at your disposal if you’re looking to prevent pigeons from damaging your property. There are several types of pigeon deterrents on the market, from basic netting to products that utilize pigeon senses to drive them to other locations. At A-1…

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Preventing Pigeon Infestation and Damage, Part 1

preventing pigeon infestation damage

When many people hear the term “pest control” or “exterminator,” they tend to naturally think of insects and other crawlers – these are some of the most common and copious pests, after all. But they also aren’t the only creatures that can pose risks to your health and structures, and there are several others that…

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Understanding the Rise in Organic Pest Control Solutions

rise organic pest control

Throughout many industries, from food production to landscaping and numerous areas in between, the popularity of organic materials is on the rise. Natural, green choices wherever possible are not only healthier for humans in cases of consumption, but also healthier for the overall environment and keeping the planet healthy. At A-1 Exterminators, we’re proud to…

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Keeping Children Protected from Garden Pests

children protected garden pests

As winter begins to finally wind down and spring is just around the corner, many homeowners are already thinking about their spring gardening. A heavy Utah winter should give way to a lush spring season, and many gardeners have already begun planning their layout and gathering materials. At A-1 Exterminators, we’re here to help with…

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Telltale Signs of Termites in Your Home or Building

signs termites home building

There are several pest types out there that can cause significant home or building damage, and termites are generally at or near the top of this list. The source of over $5 billion in damage in the US alone every year, termites are particularly worrisome because in many situations, they hide from plain sight and…

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Cockroaches and Respiratory System Risks

cockroaches respiratory system risks

Within any home or business, pests like insects can cause a whole variety of issues. These often primarily show up as issues of convenience and damage – pests can infiltrate numerous areas of your home and many can damage your structures. At A-1 Exterminators, however, we’re well aware that this is far from the only…

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Winter Pests and Home HVAC Damage

winter pests home HVAC damage

When we think about pest prevention in the winter (and really throughout the year), we mostly think of things in terms of comfort, health and convenience. No one wants unsightly and disgusting pests roaming the home, especially if they risk contamination or other health effects. At A-1 Exterminators, we’re here to tell you about yet…

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Natural Prevention Methods for Winter Pests

natural prevention methods winter pests

Pest control is important throughout a given year, but some of the priorities change when we get into the colder winter months. Certain insects and smaller pests are less common during this time of year, as they can’t breed in these conditions, but there are several other pest types that are either larger or more…

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Why Winter Matters for Carpenter Ant Prevention

winter matters carpenter ant prevention

If you’ve ever dealt with carpenter ants in your home or building space, you know they’re primarily a spring pest. This is when they thrive and reproduce most commonly, but some homeowners don’t realize that they could actually be laying the groundwork for a carpenter ant invasion through various home practices during the winter we’re…

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Basics of Overwintering Preparation

basics overwintering preparation

Within the world of pest control, one of the single largest myths begins to be spread around more commonly as the weather turns cold and the snow starts falling. It goes something like this: “The weather is too cold for bugs and insects to be alive – I don’t have to worry about pest control…

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