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When it comes to protecting your home from the destructive forces of termites, trust the Termite Control Experts in Salt Lake City. Termites can silently wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your property, making professional intervention essential.

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In Utah we get a lot of subterranean termites. They usually enter the home through cracks in the foundation, feeding on drywall paper, baseboards, wall structure, and other cellulose containing material. Every case is different but the usual treatment method is to drill a half-inch hole in the foundation/slab below the floor, near the wall, and inject a termicide into that hole. We usually do this along the length of the area affected spaced out by about 12 inches. Once injected, we fill the hole back up with mortar. You will be left with a small dimple in the cement. We may do just the trouble spot, or we can do the trouble spot along with the exterior perimeter of the house in order to protect it from future infestations. With most treatments A-1 offers a 5-year guarantee on future termite infestations.


Treating Termites in Northern Utah and Salt Lake City Using Sub-Slab Injection

In Northern Utah, as with virtually every other part of the world, we have subterranean termites. They live underground as their name suggests, and these wood-destroying insects feed on cellulose (wood) that is either in direct contact with the soil or within a reachable distance of soil (a few feet). In nature that means old trees that have fallen, tree stumps, etc. In our cities it means they will feed on whatever wood is available at or near the surface (your home). Killing them means treating them at the source; the soil below and around your home’s foundation.

Step 1

Gain access to the soil. Oftentimes that means drilling. Half-inch holes are drilled directly down through the cement foundation or slab 12-18 inches apart along the affected area.

Step 2

Next we use a sub-slab injector tool attached to a truck-mounted tank/pump system to inject termicide through the hole. Depending on the situation we may inject several gallons of liquid termicide into each hole.

Step 3

Finally we permanently patch the hole with either mortar, or cement patch. In the end, you’re left with a half-inch dimple where the hole was drilled.

The liquid termicide will come in direct contact with the termite colony and kill off the subterranean termite population in the vicinity. The termicide usually continues to work to deter the colony from re-forming for 5-10 years or more.

Here at A-1 Exterminators, we have been refining our subterranean termite control techniques since 1961. We are the foremost experts on the subject in Salt Lake City and beyond. We continue to adopt the latest tools and techniques to eradicate termites from your Salt Lake Valley home.

We’re confident that we can help with your problem. Termite infestation isn’t a new problem in Salt Lake City, but our termite control practices are up to modern standards to guarantee maximum efficiency.

At A-1 Exterminators, the well-being of our Salt Lake City customers comes first. Let’s get started on those termites today! 

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