We Offer Quarterly & Triennial Pest Control Services

Quarterly & Triennial Pest Control Services In Northern Utah & Salt Lake City

Introducing our Quarterly & Triennial Pest Control Services in Salt Lake City – a proactive and convenient approach to maintaining a pest-free environment for your home or business.

With our Quarterly Pest Control plan, our team will visit your property every three months to assess, treat, and prevent pest-related issues. This regular schedule ensures ongoing protection, addressing potential concerns before they become major problems. It’s a hassle-free way to keep your space pest-free year-round.

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At A-1 Exterminators we offer two regular pest service options. The first is a quarterly service, in which we will service your house each quarter for insect control and rodent control. The quarterly is a great fit for families that live near water, or have other conducive rodent conditions such as pets or chickens on the property. The truth is, not every home needs rodent control. We are proud to offer a second option: Our triennial insect-only service. This service includes three full service insect control sprays per year at the times you need it most – Spring, Summer and Fall.

Quarterly & Triennial

Triennial Pest Control Service

After 60 years of pest control in Northern Utah we’ve learned a few things. One of those things is that for year-round residential pest control, our Triennial Service is a better fit than a quarterly service.

Our Triennial service includes three full service sprays of your home per year – Spring, Summer, Fall – when you need it! There is no need for a full winter spray service in our climate but good news – we guarantee our results year-round anyway. If you need service over the winter months we’ll take care of that for you at no additional charge. Our service guarantee is for a full year from the date of your first triennial service. You can easily start service in spring, summer.

The triennial service spray includes the interior perimeter and exterior foundation of your home at scheduled appointments (we will not show up unannounced as many other companies do) and we will never automatically renew or charge your credit card.

Our triennial is our most popular residential service option for insect control.

Don’t fall for the door to door pitch many other companies are offering right now. You do not need more than 3 sprays per year when done properly with proper equipment. Save money and hassle by trying our Triennial Service this year.


Quarterly Pest Control Service

A-1 Exterminators offers a quarterly service contract that will handle all of your pest control needs year round. On a schedule of your choosing, A-1 will do 4 scheduled services a year. Included in this service are 4 interior baseboard treatments, 2 exterior foundation sprays and set up and maintenance of rodent bait stations throughout the house/garage where needed, and at least 4 exterior bait stations around the exterior perimeter of the house. With the quarterly service you have an ongoing full time, year-round guarantee. A-1 Exterminators will respond to service calls within 48 hours at no additional charge. The service schedule breaks down as follows:

1st Quarter / Late Winter / Early Spring

This service will include a full interior baseboard spray for ants, spiders, earwigs, and other general insect infestations. At this service we will also check, clean and refresh all rodent bait stations in and around the house. Weather/conditions permitting you may opt to have 1 of 2 exterior foundation sprays completed at this time. Foundation sprays should be accomplished when there is no snow on the ground, and daytime temperatures are averaging at least 55 degrees.

2nd Quarter / Late Spring / Early Summer

At this service we will apply the first exterior foundation spray if you didn’t have it done in the 1st quarter. Also at this service we will do a full interior baseboard spray for general insect control, as well as service, clean and refresh all rodent bait stations throughout the house. We will be checking to make sure the house is properly prepared and equipped for the heaviest pest season approaching.

3rd Quarter / Late Summer / Early FallSpring

Fall is an important time for pest control. Spiders and other bugs will be trying to make their way into the house to find a warm spot over winter. Rodents, especially mice, will also be trying to find a warm spot to nest and feed. We will do a full interior baseboard spray of the house, as well as your fall exterior foundation spray. We will also service, clean and refresh all rodent bait stations throughout the house, as well as checking to make sure there are no new entry points.

4th Quarter / Late Fall / Early Winter

Along with fall this is an important service for rodent control. We will check, clean and refresh all rodent bait stations, as well as check for new entry points that may have been created by the rodents themselves as the temperature dropped. We also will do a full interior baseboard spray.

*1 year contract, payment due at first service.

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