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Salt Lake City is renowned for hosting one of the most significant rodent populations in the United States! It’s a well-known fact that the urban and suburban areas of Northern Utah provide the ideal environment for rodents to flourish. Have you ever observed that they tend to gravitate towards the North side of your home or yard? They seek those cozy spots to nest, feed, and multiply. While they aren’t necessarily harmful, dealing with rodents can be quite bothersome and visually displeasing.


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Rodent Control — Rid Yourself of Mice & Rats in Salt Lake City


Rodent Control for rats and mice begins with checking entry points, what they might be feeding on, and nesting sites. We will make recommendations for patching entry points, and help you make adjustments on where/how you store your pet food, bird seed, or anything else they may be feeding on. Next we set up fully-enclosed and locked bait stations throughout the interior of the house, with an emphasis on active infestation areas. We will also set up large exterior bait stations around the home, focusing on active/entry areas. We typically use about 1 large bait station per side of home by default. The service includes a follow up visit after 3 weeks to check and refresh the bait stations, and make adjustments as necessary. Results guaranteed.

Pocket Gopher Control

You’ll know you have pocket gophers if mounds of dirt start appearing in your yard. They can be incredibly destructive to an otherwise beautiful landscape.

A-1 Exterminators has the most effective gopher control program in the state without requiring long term contracts. All of our gopher baiting is done underground with a very effective gopher bait available only to licensed professionals. The bait is delivered directly into the tunnels underground which makes it also one of the safest treatments for pets and kids. Most customers will see a result within about 2 weeks. Many customers will get the results they’re looking for in one good treatment, sometimes a follow up or two will be recommended (but never required). Call us today for pricing and availability to keep gophers from destroying your yard.

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Contact A-1 Exterminators to Get Rid of Voles

For voles A-1 will apply a rodenticide bait directly into the tunnels where possible. In addition, we will set up several large bait stations containing a soft bait product near the holes and nests. Generally we can make a significant dent in the problem in one visit; however, we usually recommend two visits to eradicate the rodents. 30-day guarantee after the 2nd treatment.

We urge anyone experiencing rodent infestation to call for extermination services as soon as possible. Insect infestation is a worrisome situation – but a rodent problem is an even worse condition. Come to A1 Exterminators for assistance. We provide rodent control in the Salt Lake City area, and we will ensure your safety from these disease carriers.

Rest assured—our goal is total rodent extermination for all our Salt Lake City customers. We know it to be one of the worst animal problems, but we also know how to solve it. You have our guarantee that rats and mice won’t be harassing your lives. Get in touch! 

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