preventing bed bug holiday travel

Preventing Bed Bug Risks During Holiday Travel

There are certain pests that are known for their ability to travel over distances, and perhaps the single most notable here is the bed bug. While these frustrating pests are best known for their presence in the bedroom, a slightly lesser-known fact about them is how well they travel – they commonly attach themselves to

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curious bed bug dormancy

On the Curious Concept of Bed Bug Dormancy

There are certain pests or insects that are known for only appearing at certain times of the year, largely based on weather patterns, and others that can be a risk throughout the year. There are also certain pests that have some unique and curious behaviors within the seasonal realm, and a great example here is

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preventing fruit fly issues

Understanding and Preventing West Jordan Fruit Fly Issues

There are many pests out there that are known for their persistence, and a good example here is the fruit fly. While these pests don’t typically create major damage or health risks in the same ways that certain other pests do, they can still be quite frustrating and tough to get rid of in some

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threats caused birds roof

Specific Threats Caused By Birds on Your Roof

For certain understandable reasons, some home or property owners may struggle to understand why preventing large quantities of bird nesting and similar behavior on your property is important. Most birds seem friendly and harmless, after all, and they almost never interact negatively with humans, so why are they a concern?  At A-1 Exterminators, we’ll help

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keeping bees away home

Keeping SLC Bees Away from Your Home

There are certain insects or other pests that inspire a bit more fear than should actually be present, and a good example here is bees. But while bees aren’t actually too dangerous in general, and are actually important pollinators in our system, many people (especially children) are naturally frightened of them due to their ability

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clothes moths avoid facts

Basic Facts on Clothes Moths and How to Avoid Them

At A-1 Exterminators, we’re proud to serve as true full-service pest control and extermination experts for clients throughout Utah. While many of our services focus around everything from general insects to rodents, birds and other common pests, we’re also here to help with some of the rarer or lesser-known pests out there — and a

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stopping birds nesting property

Stopping Birds from Nesting on Your Property

While many people don’t think of birds as threatening or risky, the fact is they can create some pretty significant damage to various properties if they aren’t controlled. For many bird types and property owners, a major key to preventing this from happening is stopping the issue at its source — and that means stopping

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termite swarm basics timing preparation

Termite Swarm Basics, Timing and Preparation

As we get ready to enter the hottest period of the year in Utah, we’re already well into a “season” that pest control experts around the state and country are quite familiar with: Termite swarming season. This is a long period, usually five to six months, and starts at the end of winter — what

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termite inspections purchasing home

Why Termite Inspections Are Vital When Purchasing a Home

There are several themes you’ll be thinking about when considering and negotiating the purchase of a home, and one of these that’s very important for all buyers is ensuring certain pest types are not present in the existing home. One particular pest type that deserves special attention here: Termites, which are some of the most

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