Understanding the Rise in Organic Pest Control Solutions

organic pest control

Throughout many industries, from food production to landscaping and numerous areas in between, the popularity of organic materials is on the rise. Natural, green choices wherever possible are not only healthier for humans in cases of consumption, but also healthier for the overall environment and keeping the planet healthy.

At A-1 Exterminators, we’re proud to be fully on board with the green revolution taking place in the world of pest control. Whether you come to us for exterminator services for bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders or any variety of other insects, we use organic products wherever possible and take several steps to protect the local environments we work in. Let’s go over a couple specific benefits of organic pest control services that have led to their popularity, plus a couple basic tips we can offer you for furthering this theme as you maintain your own pest prevention techniques around the home.

Targeted Products and Services

While the environmental benefits are some of the most significant here, and we’ll get to those in a moment, organic pest control solutions also offer direct practical bonuses as well. Namely, the way they’re able to target specific kinds of pests or areas is highly valuable.

In many cases, non-organic pest control products are fairly wide-ranging, especially those purchased at basic home improvement stores. They’re meant to cover a significant range of possible pests effectively, and while these solutions can be good to have on hand, they often aren’t as effective as more specific, targeted solutions – the kinds you get with organic options and experienced local pros who know exactly how and where to apply them. Not only this, but our experts are familiar with the behaviors and nesting patterns of all local pests.

Carbon Footprint

Particularly when added up and taken over the huge scale they make up across the country, pesticides and other forms of pest control emit a huge amount of greenhouse gasses. These are known to negatively contribute to climate change and damage the environment, which has caused many in these and related industries to consider altering their practices.

One such option is organic pest control, which contains options to accomplish all the same pest prevention and elimination without creating so much damage. Our pros can explain to you exactly what goes into our organic products and how they get the job done while significantly limiting your carbon footprint.

Essential Oils and Maintenanc

One additional tip if you’re a homeowner looking to truly embrace environmentally friendly pest control: Utilize essential oils for basic maintenance. Certain natural extracts are perfect pest repellants if you use them in the right ways, and our team is happy to tell you about which ones will be most effective.

For more on why organic forms of pest control are on the rise, or to learn about any of our exterminator services, contact the pros at A-1 Exterminators today.

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