Commercial Settings Where Bird Netting is Valuable

commercial settings bird netting

Amongst the multiple variations of bird control employed to prevent bird habituation, one of the most well-known is bird netting. Bird netting is a fantastic solution for businesses and other commercial entities looking to guard against birds looking to land, roost, and nest on their properties.

At A-1 Exterminators, we offer high-quality bird netting and bird control services for both home and building owners. For our commercial clients, we recommend our StealthNet netting options, made from heavy-duty materials and coated in PVC wire mesh to prevent rotting or water issues. This netting helps stop bird nests from blocking drains, vents, or other vulnerable parts of your property. They also help you avoid disease, droppings, and other risks associated with bird infestations. Which commercial settings do we most commonly work with? Here are some of the most frequent.

Signage or Other Storefront Elements

For successful storefronts or other commercial spaces, branding is an integral element. You don’t want birds roosting on or around your signage elements, as they can damage them and create health risks due to bird droppings. Installing bird netting around your storefronts and other building features will drastically reduce these issues.

Not only this, but bird infestations in these areas may also not be in compliance with local health and safety regulations, so having effective netting can help ensure you stay compliant. They will help you reduce liability due to bird infestations and protect your brand integrity while they’re at it.

Warehouse Areas and Other Storage Facilities

Owners of storage units or other warehouse areas will also find bird netting a worthwhile investment. These areas offer the perfect environment for birds to make their nests, as there is often plenty of room for shelter and an abundance of food sources for them to take advantage of.

Protecting these spaces from birds is vital, as they may cause damage over time and various health risks for those who access the area regularly. Bird netting is one of the most reliable solutions here, and it’s often a must-have in modern-day storage facilities.

Back Entrances or Loading Docks

Down-related lines, back entrances, and loading docks may also require bird control solutions. It’s common for birds to pick these areas as their homes, not only because they provide shelter but also often due to the presence of food sources or other things that can attract them.

Bird netting is one of the most effective options here since it helps deny birds access to the space while protecting your property from other bird-related issues.

Bridges or Physical Structures

For municipal properties, it’s also wise to install bird netting on bridges and other physical structures. Not only can birds cause damage here due to their tendency to nest in these areas, but they may also create a slipping risk for those who walk over the bridge or structure due to the presence of droppings.

Bird netting can help reduce this risk and is one of the best bird control solutions for any bridge or physical structure prone to birds.

Airport Settings

Another setting for bird netting is in airport settings. Airports are often vulnerable to birds due to their wide-open spaces and presence of food, and can cause plenty of issues when left unchecked. They may interfere with aircraft routes or pose health risks to travelers with their droppings.

Bird control netting is often used in airports to help safely deter birds and prevent these problems. This type of netting typically covers a wide area and can easily be customized to fit your airport’s needs.

Wide Courtyards or Open Spaces

Bird netting may be the perfect solution for properties with courtyards or other open spaces. These areas are often prone to birds due to their wide-open nature, and they can cause plenty of damage if left unchecked. Bird netting provides a safe way to deny access to these areas while avoiding potential health and safety concerns.

No matter what type of property you have, bird netting can be a great way to protect it from birds and any potential issues they may cause over time. Whether you’ve got a storefront or an airport, our bird control netting can help keep your space safe and secure while protecting your brand’s reputation.

At A-1 Exterminators, our team of professionals is here to help you get the most out of your bird netting – no matter what type of space you’re dealing with. Contact us today to get started and keep your property safe and sound!

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