Birds and Other Pest Types Found in Your Rain Gutters

birds pest types rain gutters

For many home and building owners in Utah, the late winter or early spring period we’re in right now is one where they perform yearly inspections or checkups on their rain gutters after the bulk of the winter is past. One possible issue some may find, either at this time of year or some others: A few particular pests that may have made their homes in this area, especially if you haven’t inspected it in a while. 

At A-1 Exterminators, we’re proud to assist with a variety of pest control services, from smaller pests like insects up to the best Bird Barrier bird control products on the market. What are some of the pest types that may be found in rain gutters that haven’t been inspected for some time, and what can you do about them? Here’s a basic primer.


We’ll start with some of the largest pest types you may find in or around gutters: Various species of birds, which may go without inspection for longer periods of time.

Birds such as pigeons and others can make nests in rain gutters, taking advantage of the areas where roofing meets downspouts to start their homes. And while it’s not a common sight or problem among homeowners, larger birds like eagles may try to nest on rooftops. 

Along with the occasional droppings that can happen with these species, birds can be loud and cause considerable damage to homes over time. They will often try to tear into roofing materials, erode gutters or just leave droppings that can accumulate in steep areas around your home’s exterior (like on facias and soffits) and cause damage.

In addition, the nests birds will form over time can also cause other issues, such as blocking gutters or causing blockages in downspouts. This can lead to gutter overflows and other related problems that you’ll need to address with proper preventative care during the winter months.

If you’ve had significant bird issues in on your property in the past, contact our team for our bird control solutions. We’ll ensure you never deal with this stressful issue again, whether on your gutters or any other property area.

Larger Rodents

Another larger pest type that may be found in some gutters is a group of larger rodents, which includes squirrels, mice, rats, opossums and raccoons.

Often, larger rodents are only attracted to the area due to warmer conditions during colder months, as well as easy food sources that may be available. These animals can also create massive amounts of damage if left unchecked due to their chewing habits. They’ll not just look to remove shingles or roofing materials, but also chew through many other types of exterior building materials, including wires and even the foundations of your home.

If you’re noticing damage to areas around your property that seem out of place with typical weather-related issues (such as shingles missing or tiles torn up), look for other signs that may indicate larger rodents are nearby. These may include droppings, burrowing and scratching around vents and other types of openings that could indicate their presence.

One important tip here: Depending on the specific rodent found and some other factors, there may be legal requirements for how this animal is to be handled. Check local laws to learn what may be required in your case for this animal, which can promote safety and minimize risk of harm to both people and property. Our team is happy to help you in this area if needed.

Bees, Wasps and Other Stinging Insects

Many of these insects love to start their nests in areas that are both damp and moist, making gutters a prime location for them.

Insects such as bees and wasps typically will use existing small holes, crevices or other areas that may already exist on a gutter to start their nests over time. In many cases, these can be treated with preventative insecticides or similar products during the winter months, but you’ll still want to address any found nests as soon as you can to prevent the issue from growing.

Bees and other related pests may pose a risk to people who are allergic, but even those without allergies may find stings or bites very painful if they come into direct contact with these insects. For this reason, having them removed quickly is key to avoiding serious issues.

Ants, Mosquitoes and Termites

These are insects that can often cause significant damage in your gutter areas before you even know they’re present. For example, you may see small holes and openings inside your gutters when checking for these bugs. During cold months, these holes may be much more obvious, otherwise blending in with any nearby leaves and other debris that accumulates in gutters.

Ants and mosquitoes will also cause damage over time, including weakening the exterior of your home due to their nesting habits. Because they’re smaller than other pests listed here, they may be harder to detect when you notice noticeable holes or similar openings in your gutter system.

Termites are another type of pest that may be found in gutters, and because of the type of damage they cause to structures including homes and buildings, should always be addressed as soon as possible. The types of damage termites can cause includes crumbling foundations and other serious structural damage to your home over time.

If you notice any of these pest types nesting or otherwise living in your gutters, call our team for immediate assistance.

For more on the kinds of pests you may find in your gutter inspection this spring, or to learn about any of our pest or bird control services, speak to the team at A-1 Exterminators today.

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