The Most Common Bug Bites in Utah

The Most Common Bug Bites

While most bug bites are just annoying, some can be painful and harmful to your health.

Being able to identify the most common types of bug bites in Utah will help you know whether you need to seek medical treatment when you discover a bite on your skin.

Utah’s diverse landscape attracts residents from far and wide. However, not all of them are human. This area is home to a wide variety of insects, each with their own unique bites.

We’ll give you a condensed version of the most common bug bites, but it’s important to note this is not an exhaustive list. If you are worried about a bug bite, talk with your doctor and call an exterminator.


Mosquitoes carry diseases, but this occurs more often in tropical locales. A mosquito bite is a small, red circle that’s itchy but manageable. Scratching the bite may cause it to get worse.


Bedbug bites are usually numerous. It doesn’t hurt when the bug bites you, but it will become itchy and inflamed about a day later. These bites look like flat red welts and are usually found on the neck, arms, and legs.


Spider bites vary based on the type of spider. Utah is home to some dangerous spiders. With spider bites, you’ll notice pain and swelling in the area. Because Utah has poisonous spiders, including the black widow, it’s important to seek medical attention if you suspect a spider has bitten you.


Tick bites are usually identified because the tick is still on you. Animals can carry ticks, but you can also get them from walking in long grass. Some ticks carry diseases — Lyme and Rocky Mountain spotted fever — so be sure to watch the area after you remove the tick.


Flea bites are distinct. They start out as a small red rash that might bleed. Over time, it gets larger. Flea bites come in groups and turn white when pressure is placed on them.


Ants like to keep to themselves. However, there are some types of ants in Utah that are a little more aggressive — carpenter and fire ants. Both of these bites will result in a burning sensation. However, with fire ants, you’ll also notice a white, pus-filled blister.

Prevent Bug Bites at Your Home

Most everyone gets bug bites at one time or another, but that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid the most dangerous and painful ones. Call the team at A-1 Exterminators today — we can help protect your house from these venomous bugs!

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