You Have Bedbugs. Now What?

bed bugs

The dreaded bedbugs have arrived. Before you decide to burn all your stuff and move, you should know there is another way.

While these bugs can be pesky and stubborn, they’re not invincible. That means there’s hope that you can find comfort and peace in your home again.

The first step is correctly identifying the bugs.

What Are the Signs of Bedbugs?

Bedbugs are small and brown. They’re about the size of an apple seed, although they tend to enlarge after eating.

These annoying insects survive by drinking blood. They usually come out at night, while you’re sleeping. That’s why many people don’t notice them until an infestation occurs.

Some of the warning signs of an infestation include:
-Itchy skin
-Small red or brown blood spots on sheets
-A musky smell
-Bedbug shells or skin

If you suspect an infestation, you should call an exterminator. They know the signs and hiding spots for bedbugs, and will help you know if you have an infestation.

What to Do if You Have Bedbugs

While it’s important to know if you have bedbugs, it’s much more important to know what to do once you realize you have them.

This insect is not easy to kill. In fact, bedbugs can live up to a year without feeding. That means you can’t just starve them out for a week. Instead, you’ll need to do a deep and thorough cleaning. This will help control the population.

Start by washing all your linens and clothes in hot water. Then dry them on the hottest setting. This should get rid of any bugs hiding within the fabric. The next step is to clean your bed.

The box spring and mattress is where the bedbugs live. You may want to consider getting new ones. However, be sure to do this after you’ve eliminated the infestation, otherwise they’ll just make a new home in your new furniture.

Try to organize and pick up clutter in your house. The main role in cleaning should be removing possible hiding spaces for the bugs. DO NOT move things into different rooms. This can spread the infestation.

The only real way to get rid of bedbugs is with targeted insecticides. However, clearing clutter will help the exterminator to be more thorough and effective.

Hire an Exterminator Today

It’s incredibly difficult to get rid of bedbugs by yourself. It can also take a long time. Insecticides which are strong enough to completely eradicate bug populations are only available to licensed professionals. Over-the-counter varieties will generally kill 50-75% of the population, but the stronger individuals will survive and reproduce to create an even more persistent infestation later.

An experienced exterminator can help you beat the infestation. Because it involves strong poisonous chemicals, you’ll want to get someone you can trust.

For beating bedbugs in Utah, there’s no better team than A-1 Exterminators . Call us to schedule a consultation.

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