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As we enter the spring season, a few pest control items become a bit more relevant. One of these items is ants, and at A-1 Exterminators, we’re here to help your home or business stay free of these little crawlers.
Before the need arises to call one of our bug exterminators, there are several things you can do to help prevent the spread of ants. Here are a few tips.

Food and Water Sources

Ants can sustain themselves on seemingly limited water sources, including any excess moisture or pools of water in the home. Consider a dehumidifier in damp areas, and check all pipes and sinks for leaks or extra moisture. Outside, ensure that gutters are working properly to funnel water away from the home during rainfall.

Down similar lines, providing no additional food sources helps leave ants no incentive to enter the home. Keep the kitchen tidy and watch for loose crumbs or spill residue, and store all foods properly. Use a lid on the trashcan, and dispose of trash regularly.

Popular Locations and Access Points

Kitchens are the most common locations to find ants, but they may also show up in bathrooms, bedrooms, basements and living rooms. They can even form up inside walls, or in or around an air conditioning or heating unit if there’s excess moisture. If you detect ants anywhere, you can often follow a trail to find their source.


Pets may occasionally carry ants into the home, but the larger concern here is with some of their tangential items. Their food and water bowls, which sit so close to the ground, can be an attraction for ants, as can their entry doors if they have them. Ants can fit through the smallest openings, and a dog entry is easily large enough.


If you’re taking these strategies and still finding yourself in trouble with ants, call the professionals at A-1 Exterminators. Infestations can grow to dangerous levels if they aren’t properly treated, and can lead to health risks.

To learn about our ant control services, speak to our exterminators today.

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