The Most Common Types of Ants in Utah Can Damage Your Home


Learning about the most common types of ants in Utah can help protect your house from these invaders and the damage they do.

A comprehensive, statewide study found that Utah has more than 150 species of ants. Luckily, as a homeowner you don’t need to know about all the subtle differences of these species.

What’s more useful is knowing about the five most common types of ants you might encounter and how they can affect your home.

1. Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are among the worst ants to have in your home. While they don’t eat wood, they burrow into it to build a home for their colony. The damage to a house grows quickly if these ants are left to their own devices.

They are typically much larger than other species of ants and are all black. Some queen ants grow wings and fly as well.

You might have a carpenter ant infestation if you find wood shavings beneath cabinets, or if you can hear rustling noises in your walls or doors. Another sign of infestation is if you actually see the ants or the discarded wings.

2. Harvester ants

Also known as fire ants, harvester ants have a reddish hue. These ants are attracted to Utah’s hot, dry climate, and are plentiful in the summer. Fortunately, they prefer to remain outside rather than in your house. However, you will want to be careful if you see them because they are aggressive and can sting you.

Their stings are painful and you may need medical care if you’re allergic.

3. Pavement ants

Like their name suggests, pavement ants are typically found in the concrete or asphalt outside. However, every once in a while they may find their way inside through cracks in your cement foundation.

They’re not destructive to your house and won’t bite unless they feel threatened. You can identify them by their brown color and shiny backside.

4. Field ants

Field ants are big, like carpenter ants. However, they tend to be lighter in color. This ant may have yellow, black, red or a mixture of these colors on its exoskeleton. Homeowners don’t usually need to worry about these ants because they live outside.
When they do come inside, it’s because they are looking for food.

5. Velvety Tree Ants

Velvety tree ants are the most easily identified because their description matches their name. These fuzzy ants are usually found outside on trees. Sometimes they will find their way into houses by chewing through wood.

Avoid the Most Common Ants in Utah

Avoiding the most common ants in Utah is easy when you’ve got a team you can trust. Here at A-1 Exterminators, we’ll give you tips to keep those pesky bugs out of the house.

If you’re worried about an ant infestation, call us to schedule a consultation. We’ll identify the warning signs and get you the relief you need.

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