Spider control in Northern Utah, Poisonous and Non-Poisonous


Spider control is important where we live. Here in Northern Utah we have a variety of poisonous and non-poisonous spiders. If you’re like most people, even the non-dangerous spiders can still cause a lot of stress. Spiders can be a real problem when they end up in your home, garage, place of business. Moreover, they may present real danger for outdoor areas of your property. Professional spider control is the best option.

Poisonous Utah Spiders

The most common poisons spider we see here in Utah is the black widow. The black widow is prolific in this area. We commonly see them around buildings all over Salt Lake City and beyond. They are extremely hardy, and have been very successful adapting to human dwellings. You will usually find them in out-of-the-way corners of the garage, or a shed where they can take advantage of their unsuspecting victims. They build sticky, three dimensional webs using the corners as bracing. Often the webs look chaotic at a glance, and can be mistaken for older, unused spider webs. Don’t be fooled! If you find a web you suspect may be a black widow web in Utah, call a pest control professional.

Non Poisonous Utah Spiders

On the less dangerous side, we find orb weavers, yellow sac spiders, woodlouse spiders, and wolf spiders. Wolf spiders are found in all parts of a homes and buildings in Northern Utah, and are the most common. Wolf spiders have a painful bite, so it’s best not to tangle with them either! Utah based professional pest control companies can safely, and painlessly eradicate all spiders around your home or business.

A-1 Exterminators Spider Treatment

Here at A-1 Exterminators, we take a comprehensive approach to controlling spiders, insects and other pests around your home or business. Weather this is residential, commercial or industrial pest control situation, our basic service includes a full interior baseboard spray, and a foundation spray that is delivered using a truck-mounted, high pressure spray rig. The exterior foundation spray includes a 15 foot buffer to give you a nice, wide spider free zone for your comfort, and to keep new spiders from reaching your home going forward. We also spray the eves and soffits of the home, which will not only control spiders that build nests in those areas, but also controls wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and other flying insects as well. Unlike most pest control companies in Utah, A-1 Exterminators does not require a contract to treat.

When is the best time for spider control?

The best time to spray for spiders in Utah is early spring, mid-summer, and fall. This covers the most productive part of the year for spiders in our area, and will keep your home 100% spider free for the entire year. The best time for the first spray of the year is once the snow melts, and temperatures are warming through the 50’s. For Northern Utah, that usually means the end of February, or early March. Some years that can mean waiting until the end of March, but bi and large, we are doing exterior foundation spraying by the end of February.

What to do when you see a spider or a web in your home

So you’re doing a spring clean-out of the garage and you come across a web that you’re not sure about. Do not touch it! Call a professional spider control company, one that’s based in Northern Utah. Here at A-1 Exterminators, we use many tools to help you asses what’s going on. We may come out and do a free inspection, or we may suggest that you take a picture with your smart phone and either text or email it to us. We also have the capability to face-time with you, and take a virtual tour of the garage to help you ID a spider or a spider web to determine if it’s poisonous or non-poisonous. Professional, virtual and on-site pest inspections are always free of charge! Spider control applications can usually be accomplished within 24 hours of your call. Learn more about our pest control services

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