Winter Bird Types That May Cause Pest Issues on Your Property

Winter Bird

When many people think of pests and pest control, they tend to consider insects like ants and termites first and foremost. But pests can often come in larger forms, and a good example here is many bird types that may invade your property and cause everything from damage to disease.

At A-1 Exterminators, we’re proud to offer a variety of Bird Barrier bird control products, from bird netting to solar panel protection and much more when it comes to bird control. This is an area that’s a potential year-round concern – while some birds do indeed migrate south for the winter, others remain and could serve as pests on your property if the proper protection methods aren’t taken. Here are some basics on what qualifies a given bird or group of birds as pests, plus some common winter birds to be aware of.

What Qualifies a Bird as a Pest?

As most are well aware, birds can be both beneficial and beautiful in their natural habitats. When they start to use properties as their nests and cause damage to human areas, however, they cross the line into becoming pests.

The most common issue here is nesting, and many bird types will peck at the sides of houses to help form their nests and also store food. Another potential issue is disease, as many birds carry parasites like ticks and fleas. Finally, the potential for mess and general over-population is always present, as many bird types congregate in large groups and leave high quantities of droppings and other contaminants.

Common Winter Birds

So what are some of the bird types you might see on or around your property this winter? Here are just a few examples:

  • Pigeons: Pigeons are extremely common gray birds found in urban areas. They leave droppings in lots of areas and look to scavenge for food. Bird Barrier has several products directly designed to help combat pigeon infestations, which can be significant if not property prevented.
  • Finches: Small, colorful birds that prefer to eat seeds.
  • Thrushes: Small or medium-sized birds that tend to feed on the ground.
  • European starlings: Black-ish birds that are known to create huge flocks.
  • Sparrows: While many sparrows fly south during winter, not all do – white-throated sparrows and American tree sparrows often remain north.
  • Cardinals: Red and orange birds that are common in the Midwest in particular, having evolved to perform well in cold weather.
  • Chickadees: Black and white birds known for hiding the food in trees.
  • Tufted titmouse: Smaller songbirds that are grayish in color and like to line their nests with fur found from other animals.

For more on winter birds to look out for on your property, or to learn about any of our bird control or pest control services, speak to the staff at A-1 Exterminators today.

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