5 Ways to Avoid Ants this Summer

Avoid Ants

Want to avoid ants this summer? You’re not alone. Homeowners all over the United States try everything under the sun to prevent and get rid of these pesky insects. 

Unfortunately, their DIY solutions don’t always work as planned. That’s why we’re here to give you five fail-safe ways to avoid ants this summer. 

Clean up Food

The main reason ants are coming into your house is because they smell food. They don’t need warmth or shelter, that’s what their burrows in the ground are for. 

If you eliminate the free food component of your house, the ants will have no reason to come in.

This practice can be difficult to apply in a busy home, especially one with little children. However, simply wiping the counters and sweeping the floor frequently can have a big effect. 

Protect the Entrances

While some species of ants will live inside your home, most of the time the ants will come in from the outside. 

If you see ants entering in your house, resist the urge to immediately squish them. Instead, watch to see which entrances they are using. 

Once you find the entrances, you can better protect your house and avoid ants in the future. 

Spray the Perimeter

Next, you’ll want to spray the perimeter of your home with insecticide. This will discourage the ants from entering from that area. The most effective modern ant sprays are only available from licensed professionals. 

However, it’s important to note that many insecticides are also dangerous for humans and animals. Be sure to keep the area and the chemicals away from vulnerable children and pets. 

Seal any Cracks

Spraying with chemicals isn’t always enough. Ants are nimble, resourceful and small. That means they are good at finding openings in your house that even you might not know about. 

Go around the perimeter of your house and look for any cracks or open spaces that might allow ants to sneak in. These could be windows that don’t close all the way, doors with extra spaces, etc. 

Set Bait Stations

If you have ants living inside your house, bait stations are the best way to get rid of them. Certain bait stations contain poison bait that the ants will take back to their colony. This will kill the entire colony, not just some of the workers.

Find More Tips to Avoid Ants

If the idea of ants in your house makes your skin crawl, call us today for a consultation. We’ll help you get the ants out of your house so you can enjoy your summer to the max.

Our insect eradication specialists are great at identifying the problem and providing solutions in the first visit. Contact us to learn more!

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