Protecting the Kitchen from Pest Infestation Risks

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While the various pests that may attempt to invade your home have a variety of potential reasons for doing so, perhaps the single most common is a search for food. Pests are always on the hunt for a food source, and they often identify your home as one of the primary locations where they can find such a source.

At A-1 Exterminators, we offer a wide range of pest control services to prevent everything from general insect types to termites, rodents and even larger pests from invading at any time of year. When it comes to pests in search of food, the kitchen obviously stands as one of the key areas to protect – let’s go over a few specific tips we can offer you on keeping your kitchen free of pest attraction risks, plus what to do if you already have a pest issue in your kitchen.

Food Storage

For starters, the ways and locations in which you store your food will make a huge difference. If pests simply can’t access your food, they won’t be as likely to invade your space to begin with.

This starts with proper containers – we highly recommend plastic Tupperware for any leftovers or strong-smelling foods. From here, it’s also vital to utilize sealed storage areas like the fridge and freezer, plus cabinets that are well-protected from any pest access. If you can achieve storage that stops pests from even smelling food on a regular basis, the chances of an infestation will be far lower.

Dish Cleaning

A major risk for pest invasion is leftover food, and we’re not only talking about large portions here. Many smaller pests would love to feast on the small particles left on dishes or cooking materials, even if you don’t think there’s much there at all.

For this reason, it’s important to clean dishes and any other relevant materials immediately after eating. They should be stored in the dishwasher or dishrack to prevent any pest access. In addition, we recommend a quick wipe-down of the area to clear up any crumbs.

Trash Storage

Another potential attractor for pests is a trash can that’s too full, which will offer many potential food sources. Take your trash out regularly and try to never let a full can sit for more than a day.

Existing Issues

Finally, if you’re reading this blog and you already have pest infestation issues in or around your kitchen, the best move is to call our team of exterminators. We’ll take the time to fully assess your issues and provide the pest control services you need, including full removal and prevention of future infestations.

For more on protecting the kitchen from pest risks, or to learn about any of our pest control services, speak to the staff at A-1 Exterminators today.

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