4 Ways to Win at Summer Pest Control

Garden Pest Control

Summer pest control is different from winter pest control. Instead of worrying about rats and mice, you need to focus on mosquitoes and ticks.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to avoid infestations in your home and yard.

Below are four ways to prevent summer pests from invading your property.

1.Remove Outside Fruits and Vegetables

Longer days and warmer weather makes gardening a popular pastime during the summer. Most of the time, bugs are pretty patient. They want to eat your plants and vegetables when they are ripe — not early.

This means if you are diligent in picking your produce at the right time, you won’t have to worry about attracting colonies into your yard.

Unfortunately, the problems occur when you let fruits and vegetables rot on the ground near your house. Insects and rodents will be attracted to the smells and are more likely to seek relief from the heat in your home.

If you have a garden near your house, be sure to get rid of fruits and vegetables that fall to the ground. Don’t leave them inside on your counter either.

2.Take Your Landscaping Seriously

A clear-cut yard removes dozens of hiding places for bugs and critters. Ticks love to wait in tall grasses and plants because it means when an animal or person brushes past them, they’ve got a new home.

If you want to avoid pests in your yard, first make sure your grass is routinely cut. Second, get rid of any tall weeds growing around your home’s exterior.

Lastly, pick up debris and check in corners for nests and eggs. By following these steps, you’ll be able to prevent a fair amount of pest problems.

3.Get Rid of Standing Water

If there are two things people don’t like about summer, it’s the extreme heat and the mosquitoes.

We can’t do anything about the first one, but we can help you avoid the second one. Mosquitoes reproduce incredibly quickly. Within two days of laying eggs, the larvae hatch. A little more than 10 days later, they’re flying around looking for someone to bite.

With 100 to 200 eggs laid in every batch, that’s a lot of annoying pests in your yard. However, the larvae and eggs need water to survive.

By getting rid of all the standing water in your yard, you’ll effectively eliminate the reproduction of mosquitoes at your house. We can’t promise you won’t have to worry about them flying over from your neighbor’s yard, but at least your house will be better protected.

4. Hire a Summer Pest Control Team

Need summer pest control? Hire A-1 Exterminators. We know the warning signs of an infestation and the best ways to treat them.

Call us today to learn about some of our summer services.

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