Protecting Decks and Outdoor Areas From Termite Infestation


For home and building owners everywhere, termites can be a significant stress point. They’re some of the most damaging pests out there, plus take knowledge of a few specific signs to help detect their presence – many who aren’t familiar with them miss these signs and allow them to continue feasting on wood and other areas in the structure.

At A-1 Exterminators, we’re here to help with all your termite concerns, from termite inspections and report generation to general extermination services when needed. One area that’s included in our comprehensive termite control services, one that’s often glossed over by some inexperienced homeowners or pest control services, is the outdoor deck and any other major wood areas on the exterior of the property – particularly in the spring and summer, these areas can become ridden with termites and significantly damaged if you don’t take a few basic precautionary steps. Here are some approaches to take to ensure this isn’t an issue for you.

Proper Wood Choice

For starters, if you have control over the wood choice process as you build your deck or other outdoor area, selecting the right material can go a long way. Generally speaking, we recommend what’s known as pressure-treated wood, a type that’s been treated with a preservation process that’s meant specifically to help protect it from various forms of damage, including pests, fungal attacks, microorganisms and many others.

If this wood is not available, do your best to search for the hardest wood within your budget – this will at least make chewing and boring difficult for termites, who don’t enjoy this type of wood nearly as much. In cases where your deck is already installed with another material, consider sealant products.

General Maintenance

From a daily care standpoint, think of your deck just as you would any other wood area in your home: The more inviting it is for termites, the greater chance they’ll nest. If you allow small cracks or leaks to persist, know that termites will view this as a great opportunity to build a home within a shielded area of the wood. Properly sealing and maintaining your deck keeps it off-limits for even the most adventurous pests.

Moisture Concerns

Down related lines, one of the key areas to eliminate for termites is a water supply. Termites cannot live without it, so if your deck is properly covered and outfitted with the right drainage system, these pests won’t bother you at all because they’ll have no water source.

Pesticides and Other Solutions

Finally, speak to our professionals about chemical solutions that will prevent termites from specific areas. There are a couple types of pesticides that will help deal with termites, one a repellant and the other an extermination method, but both should be applied by licensed pros.

For more on keeping termites away from outdoor areas as well as indoor ones, or to learn about any of our pest control services, speak to the staff at A-1 Exterminators today.

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