Summer Pest Prevention Tips


The hot Utah summer is here, and that means more than just a rise in your AC bill. Folks naturally want to spend more time outside during the summer, but here’s the problem: While you’re doing that, various pests will be trying to take shelter inside your cool, food-filled home.

At A1 Exterminators, we’ve got you covered. Our various pest control services will keep you and your family protected from these crawlers, and our exterminator services are always on hand in case things get out of control. Let’s look at a few thing you can do to help your own cause over the summer – some dos and don’ts for home pest control during the warm months.


Here are several habits or tactics to emphasize this summer:

• Remove any standing water.
• Divert any rainwater away from the home, and repair or replace gutters if they’re failing to do so.
• Keep basements, attics and crawl spaces dry and well-ventilated – pests like to congregate in these areas if they build up moisture.
• Replace weather-stripping around windows and repair any loose foundation areas.
• Keep all kitchen counters free of crumbs and debris, and store all food in well-sealed containers.
• Remove any crevices and damp areas that may function as hiding spots for pests.
• Throw away fruits or vegetables that are spoiled or overripe.


On the flip side, here are several habits to get out of:

• Leaving dishes or pet dishes out for long stretches at a time.
• Letting garbage stack up, particularly if it isn’t inside a sealed container or bag.
• Ignoring cracks or openings around the bottom of the home.
• Letting sprinklers spray directly into the foundation of your home.
• Letting excess moisture build in the home.
• Leaving food crumbs or other debris.
• Storing firewood and other building materials up directly against your home – particularly risky in areas where termites are present.
• Attempting to remove a major pest infestation on your own, and without calling the pros at A1.

Want to learn more about our pest control services? The pros at A1 Exterminators are here to help.

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