Common Pest Types to Consider During Summer

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Like many other areas of basic home care and maintenance, pest control is an area that evolves seasonally. While certain pests can pose risks throughout most or even all of a given year, most are only present during one part of the year or another – the pests you’re most concerned about during the heat of summer won’t be the same as the ones you’re warding off during the middle of winter, for instance.
At A-1 Exterminators, we’re proud to provide residential and commercial pest control services for our clients throughout the year, with a keen eye to which pests are the greatest risk to your property. With summer already well upon us, let’s look at three of the most common pest types you’ll be looking to keep out this warm season, plus how our insect control programs will help.


Not only are mosquitoes annoying and ever-present during the warm months, they can also be dangerous. They carry several dangerous diseases, and while many of these are less common in the US, they’re still worth keeping an eye on.
Mosquitoes can be active during spring and fall as well, but are by far most common during the middle of the summer. They love standing water areas, and prefer to lay their eggs here, so you’ll often find them circling rain gutters, bird baths or other areas where water is present. Mosquitoes can always find their way to humans – they can actually smell the carbon dioxide we give off when we breathe out. The right control methods, however, will keep mosquitoes outside and prevent them from causing consistent issues in your home.


There are several breeds of ant you may deal with during the summer, including carpenter ants that carve their nests into wood. Another to consider is the fire ant, which are more common in southern areas of the country due to the fact that they prefer warmer soil.
Fire ants are so named due to their painful sting, which often results in a welt. If you do notice fire ants on or near your property, generally marked by large nets that can reach up to four square feet in size, it’s best not to interact with them. Rather, call our pest control pros and ensure your home is well-sealed to prevent them from entering. Extermination involves eliminating the entire colony.

Blacklegged Ticks

Another potentially harmful summer pest is the blacklegged tick, which like mosquitoes can carry several illnesses. Lyme disease and babesiosis are two of the most common, though there are others. These bugs are less common in Utah, but still can show up at times – they’re common in long grasses or overgrown shrubs. They can be protected against using repellant when you’re outside, and with proper pest control services for your interior.
For more on the kinds of pests you should be concerned about preventing this summer, or to learn about any of our pest control or pest removal services, speak to the staff at A-1 Exterminators today.

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