Indoor and Outdoor Spring Pest Control Areas

indoor outdoor spring pest control

For homeowners around the state of Utah, and indeed throughout the country, the spring is an important time of year. You’re bringing the home out of certain areas of winter hibernation, if you will, and assessing some of your primary components to ensure everything is set for the warm summer ahead.

At A-1 Exterminators, we’re here to ensure you don’t forget about one vital area here: Pest control and prevention, whether for your home or commercial building. The kinds of pests that may look to invade your space will change as you move from the colder season into spring and summer, and the tactics you take to prevent these risks can change slightly as well. Here are some areas both inside and outside the home you should consider when it comes to reinforcing your spring pest prevention:

Indoor Areas

  • Clutter and pests: Whether we’re talking an attic or garage in a home, a storage closet in a business office or any similarly potentially cluttered area, it’s important to understand how pests will view these areas. Spiders, silverfish and several other pests absolutely love clutter – they’ll nest in the nooks, crannies and other hidden areas, and begin reproducing in high quantities. They particularly enjoy carboard boxes, for instance. Spring is a good time to clear these areas of clutter and remove these risks.
  • Pet areas: If you have pets on hand that need to be fed and watered, it’s important to purchase supports that allow you to leave their food and water bowls elevated off the ground. Pests will attempt to invade these sources as well, and they’ll have success if they’re directly on the ground and easily accessed.

Outdoor Areas

  • Seals: Pests have to get inside your home to cause most of their issues, and they do this primarily by invading through cracks, seams and other gaps to the outdoors. These are commonly found in or near the seals on your doors and windows, high-stress areas that may show the first signs of damage if not sealed properly. Take various steps to seal your entire home here, including proper-fitting screens, sealing cracks or openings, and replacing weatherstripping when it wears down.
  • Standing water: Several pest types will flock to standing water or any kind of excess moisture, and you should take steps to prevent this. Pluming leaks and roof leaks are the two most common causes of standing water.
  • Plants and mulch: If you have plants or mulch on your property, it’s vital to ensure that they’re at least three feet from the structure. If not, several pests – pillbugs, centipedes, earwigs and even rodents – will be too close to the home, and will be far more likely to attempt to enter it.

For more on spring pest control areas to take care of, or to learn about any of our exterminator services, speak to the staff at A-1 Exterminators today.

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