Homebuyer Pest Prevention: Termites and Pest Locations

homebuyer Pest Prevention

If you’re a first-time homebuyer entering the market, this is an exciting time filled with new experiences – and important boxes to check. While most of the tips you’ll get in this realm are related to financial areas like the mortgage and other homebuying needs, there’s another area during the home search that’s vital, especially for older homes: Checking for past or current pest infestations or related issues.

At A-1 Exterminators, our residential pest control services include numerous comprehensive themes, including assistance for those who are considering a new home move-in but are worried about pest issues, or simply want to have professionals check the space out to confirm there are no such problems. In addition to services from our exterminators and pest control specialists, what are some of the areas you should be looking into while confirming the home you’re purchasing isn’t dealing with pest concerns? This two-part blog series will go over several themes.

Specific Termite Signs

When it comes to property damage and related costs, the termite stands alone within homes. Termites cause billions of dollars in property damage in the US alone every single year, burrowing into wood, flooring and even wallpaper while proving tough to detect in some cases. They’re so sneaky, in fact, that certain pre-purchase home inspections not carried out by a pest control specialist might not even identify them, even during a major infestation.

With this in mind, it’s vital to recognize the potential signs of a termite infestation in a home you’re considering. These include:

  • Mud tubes, or tubes used by termites to reach a food source, found on the home’s exterior
  • Darkening or blistering of wood structures
  • Soft, malleable wood inside the home that sounds hollow when you tap it
  • Small piles of feces that look similar to sawdust
  • Discarded wings, often found near doors or window sills, which signal termite swarmers have entered the space

If you notice any of these signs while touring a prospective home, contact our team immediately for assistance.

Our subsequent sections will go over other property areas to keep an eye on when touring, both to prevent termites and other pest risks in a home you might buy.

Firewood Concerns

One common area where various pests like to camp out on a property: Near or within firewood, which provides cover and often food and moisture sources. If a prospective home you’re buying has firewood stacked up on the exterior, it should be checked for pests and, ideally, moved at least 20 feet from the home.

Rain Gutters

Termites and other pests also are attracted to moisture, and one of the key areas where they’ll find it is on or within your rain gutters. Especially if you have clogs or blockages in the gutters, these will be highly risky areas where pests may congregate and grow. Ensure your gutters are working properly and are diverted in the correct directions.

For more on areas to check to prevent pests when touring a prospective new home, or to learn about any of our pest control solutions, speak to the staff at A-1 Exterminators today.

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