Pest Control Tips for Fall Season


We’re fully into the fall season at this point, and for home and business owners around the country, this is an important part of the year for various maintenance tasks. The cold winter is right around the corner, and ensuring your building is up to date in several areas before this happens is important.
At A1 Exterminators, we’re here to provide comprehensive residential and commercial pest control services – including some vital fall areas to consider. Here are some basic things you should be thinking about when it comes to do-it-yourself areas of pest control during fall.

Chimney Cap

Not everyone has a chimney in their home, but if you do, consider installing a chimney cap. Not only will this keep out birds and other wildlife, it will help with insulation issues as well. In addition, if you have attic vents, be sure to install a wired mesh to keep larger rodents from entering the attic or your walls.


Check all screens in windows and doors throughout the home, searching primarily for rips and holes. Smaller holes can usually be mended using mesh or even simple tape if the hole is small enough, but larger holes will need replacement. Failing to do so can leave you at risk for flying insects.

Openings and Cracks

Particularly during the winter while your home presents a warm alternative to the cold outdoors, and openings or cracks in the home are invitations for pests to work their way inside. Any opening bigger than one-sixteenth of an inch can allow spiders and other insects, and anything over a quarter-inch can allow in mice.

Check all openings, especially utility areas where wire and pipes enter the home. Use caulk, expandable foam or copper mesh to plug any holes you find, and use weather stripping or caulk to seal and larger gaps around windows or doors. If you have a garage door, consider a rubber seal.

Exterior Areas

Check exterior areas like woodpiles, trees, shrubs, door lighting and other areas where pests might congregate. Consider whether any of these areas leave easy paths to your home, and remove them if present.

For more on fall pest prevention tips, or to find out about any of our exterminator services, speak to the pros at A1 Exterminators today.

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