How Pest Control Helps Limit Child Asthma Symptoms

Pest Control

If you’re a parent of a child with asthma, chances are you take regular precautions to benefit them and help limit their symptoms or major asthma attacks. You likely look to reduce their exposure to dust or other potential aggravators of asthma conditions, plus aim for high air quality within your home or other common locations.
At A-1 Exterminators, we’re here to tell you about another area that’s vital for managing your child’s asthma condition, or even for preventing the condition from forming in some younger children: Pest control. Our exterminator services, which cover a full array of insects, rodents, termites, spiders and any other potential invader, help limit potentially severe asthma and related respiratory risks, especially in susceptible children. Let’s go over some of the primary pest threats in this area, plus how our services help limit these risks.

Rats, Mice and other Rodents

Whether they’re invading your home for a food source, shelter or some combination therein, rats, mice and other rodent types are some of the most common when it comes to triggering human allergies. In some cases these are singular allergy instances brought on by a specific cause like the rodent, where in others the rodent (or rodents) in question are simply exacerbating previous allergies.
And for those who are unaware, there is a link between asthma and allergies, both major respiratory conditions. Children with asthma who are exposed to allergens like rodents may see their asthma attacks become far more serious at home than in other locations, often a telltale sign. Once you call our experts and have these rodents removed, however, you should notice that your child’s attacks return to their normal range, or even below it.

Dust Mites

Dust is a common aggravator of both allergies and asthma alike, so it should be no surprise that dust mites are also connected to these conditions. Dust mites are so named precisely because they congregate in dusty areas, feeding on various particles, including dead skin if it’s present.
Once again, the issue here relates to an allergic reaction that worsens asthma symptoms. Many people, especially children, are allergic to the bite or excrement from dust mites, which lead to issues.


We’ve already spent time in this space detailing the effects cockroaches can have on the human respiratory system, which range from basic congestion up to ear and sinus infections. They’re likely the single most damaging pest when it comes to children and the respiratory system, and can not only bring about increased asthma symptoms, but even cause asthma to form in some younger children when it wasn’t previously present. At the first sign of cockroaches, you should call our pros immediately for removal.
For more on the kinds of pests that risk asthma symptoms or development in your child, or to learn about any of our exterminator or pest control services, speak to the staff at A-1 Exterminators today.

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