Problems Caused by Common Summer Birds, Part 1

summer birds problems

Within a home or property situation, birds are an interesting group of creatures that sit on both sides of the spectrum. Many birds are beautiful and some are friendly, offering a great atmosphere through their chirping and limited impact on humans – but others, unfortunately, may congregate in huge numbers and pose several property risks, including some that are even broadly classified as home pests that pest control companies like ours help limit.

At A-1 Exterminators, we’re proud to offer a variety of anti-bird barriers and related products, including those from industry leader Bird Barrier, for those dealing with harmful bird infestations on their property from birds like pigeons, mud swallows, woodpeckers and some other species known to cause such issues. As we enter the summer, a period of the year where birds are particularly active, this two-part blog will go over several specific summer bird problems that may crop up for some home or business owners, plus how our solutions help you avoid these concerns.

General Cleanup and Maintenance

We’ll start with one of the simplest areas, which is also one of the most common: Birds, especially those that congregate in large numbers during warmer periods like the summer, often make a big mess. From bird droppings all over your property to nests and other materials they may bring to or from the property, there’s a lot to think about here.

Beyond this, many such birds are territorial by nature and are tough to move once they settle down in an area. For those who prefer or need a clean and hazard-free property, including business owners who want to avoid even minor liability risks, preventing these kinds of birds is very important – and we have the products to help you accomplish this.

Destructive Birds

In addition, many birds that might invade your property are known for being destructive to surrounding items and areas. Many birds like to spend time on your roof or other structures, for instance, and they can create issues there in the form of droppings, scratching and other damage. This can also be the case in other structures, such as if you have a shed or detached garage on the property. We’ve even seen cases where birds have irreparably damaged child playsets in the yard.

Aggressive Behavior

In addition to the above, certain bird species are known to be aggressive and may even attack humans in some situations. Geese, for instance, are highly territorial and will chase people, particularly during their breeding season during the late spring and summer.

For more on some of the potential issues with birds on your property during the summer, or to learn about any of our bird control or other pest control programs, speak to the staff at A-1 Exterminators today.

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