Common Attractions for Household Rodents


Rodents are some of the worst infestations possible in the home, and rodent control is one of our primary services at A1 Exterminators. We’ve seen some of the worst rodent damage imaginable, and while our exterminator services are top notch and will do the job right the first time, you’d really prefer to never reach that point.

With that in mind, here are some of the simplest attractions for rodents which you should be keeping an eye out for:

Food and Trash

You obviously can’t ever have zero food or trash in your home, but it’s the way you keep it that makes the difference. For starters, all food and especially trash needs to be stored in sealable containers at all times, and within cupboards or fridges/freezers when appropriate. Dishes need to be washed as soon after every meal is possible to get rid of food scraps.

In addition, if you’re really looking to prevent any chance of a rodent infestation, a thorough house cleaning might be necessary. Sweep floors and scour any area where food is prepared or eaten. Don’t forget about pet food – rodents won’t make a distinction here, so neither should you.

Fruits and Vegetables in the Garden

In many cases, a garden is the first source of a rodent infestation. Fruits falling from trees or vegetables on plants close enough to the ground will attract them, and from here they may travel to your home and look to nest while going back outside for food each day until they’re discovered.

Cluttered Spaces

Mice and rats are both very spooked and skittish by nature – they naturally exist in a hyper, frequently-moving state. For this reason, they thrive in cluttered spaces both within and outside the home. Badly kept yards could be havens for them, and cluttered attics or basements can do the same. This is a rodent’s habitat, not yours, so keep that element under control if you’re worried about an infestation.

Previous Infestations and Entryways

A past infestation in your home is an obvious indicator that you may be at risk, and special attention needs to be paid to entryways during the extermination process. At A1 Exterminators, part of our extermination process for rodents is examining the house thoroughly for all potential entries – any hole larger than a quarter inch in diameter could be large enough for a rodent to squeak into given their remarkable flexibility and willingness to enter tight spaces.

Have any questions about rodent extermination or any other element of our exterminator services? Speak with one of our pest control experts at A1 Exterminators today.

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