The Basics of the Cockroach


When many of us think of our least favorite bug or creepy crawler, the cockroach is the first thing that comes to mind. Long considered the popular representation of everything annoying and negative about home pest infestations, cockroaches are creepy in both their looks and their behaviors.

They’re also some of the most resilient insects on the planet, and if you’ve got an infestation, you’ll need the professionals at A1 Exterminators on the case. Let’s learn a little about cockroaches.

Reproduction and Elimination

Part of the reason they’re such a common pest is that cockroaches reproduce at some of the highest rates of any organism on the planet. Among common North American insects, they’re one of the handful of fastest reproducers out there.

Even more annoying are their habits, which make them the perfect household pests. Cockroaches are nocturnal and, because they mostly stay in enclosed areas when they can, this means you often won’t notice them until there are so many that they have no choice but to make themselves visible. They’re some of the fastest insects out there, and are great at dodging the various items we try to kill them with. For all these reasons, proper pest control is priority one against a cockroach infestation.

Disease Carriers

Cockroaches can be a health risk if they aren’t contained. Because they commonly feed on garbage and other waste, they’re frequently carriers of diseases like Salmonella and Shingella. They spread odors and stains through their waste, which they leave in trails as they move around. Additionally, the proteins in their saliva and waste can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms.

How They Spread

Through history, humans have actually been some of the largest carriers for cockroaches across continents and climates. The German cockroach is by far the most common infestation worldwide, but it only became that way after attaching themselves to humans and human items. Within the home, they spread through everything from garbage and waste to the presence of damp wood.

Want to learn more about cockroach control, or any other element of our insect control services? Speak to one of the extermination experts at A1 Exterminators today.

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