Tips for Safely Limiting Woodpecker Drumming Concerns


While woodpeckers are pretty, aesthetically pleasing birds to look at, they’re often not so pleasing when it comes to the auditory realm. Woodpeckers are well-known for their constant drumming on trees and other solid surfaces, especially during the spring and summer periods where these birds are most active.
At A-1 Exterminators, our extensive range of pest control services includes several areas of bird control. We’re also a proud partner with Bird Barrier, an industry leader in bird control with several high-quality products, including for woodpecker control. When woodpeckers have already nested in your yard or nearby, the best techniques for removing them involve scaring them off – techniques that do not harm the birds, and which are often mimicked by Bird Barrier products. Let’s look at several themes you might consider down these lines.

Wind Chime or Pinwheel

One of the top ways to scare off woodpeckers is to distract them with noticeable diversions. Two good examples are wind chimes or pinwheels – the former will create noise the woodpecker is drawn to, while the latter may fool the bird into thinking a predator is nearby based on its movement. This format tends to work well for both initial deterrence of woodpeckers and removal once they’ve nested, though other methods may be more comprehensive for the latter area.

Shiny, Distracting Objects

Down similar lines, the right use of light and reflection can go a long way toward distracting woodpeckers and other birds. One good method here is using a mirror or a piece of aluminum foil, set up in the area where the woodpecker nests or regularly spends time – if positioned correctly, this will cause the bird to see its own reflection the next time it shows up. This will usually cause it to think a predator is nearby.

Noise Tactics

Another very simple distraction: Heavy noise, which you can create on your own in a pinch. Anytime you happen to see these birds on the property, especially in areas where you specifically want to deter them from, make yourself as loud as you can – clap, yell, bang trash lids together, whatever gets the job done. It’s simple, but effective.

Fake Predator

One method often utilized by Bird Barrier is the creation of a false perception of a predator nearby. For woodpeckers, a great option here is a decoy owl – woodpeckers are common prey for owls and are therefore terrified of them. If possible, find a model with reflective eyes that look like a real owl.

Related Insect Concerns

One related tip we’ll offer you: If you’re noticed woodpecker presence growing significantly in recent days or weeks, not only should you be concerned about warding them off, but you should be investigating for a potential pest infestation as well. Woodpeckers love to feast on insects like termites, carpenter ants and carpenter bees, insects that can invade trees and other areas of your yard. You may require a pest spraying solution to prevent these, thereby helping you prevent woodpecker presence as well.
For more on how to limit the presence of woodpeckers on your property without harming the birds, or to learn about any of our pest control or exterminator services, speak to the staff at A-1 Exterminators today.

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