Do You Need an Exterminator for Voles?


At first glance, voles seem cute and furry. They are small rodents, about the size of house mice. They are covered in hair, from their noses down to their tails.

With a short body and legs, they can look quite adorable. However, you don’t want to let these creatures stick around if you can avoid it.

You should get an exterminator if you see voles. Why?

1. They Carry Diseases

The first and most important reason to get rid of voles is because of they increase the risk of illness for you and your family. One of the dangers is picking up a parasite from them.

Their excrement is often left across the lawn and may contain harmful bugs. That’s why if you see their urine and feces anywhere, you should take care in cleaning it up. It’s especially important if you have young children around.

Parasites can cause a lot of damage to the body, especially when that body is young and still growing.

You’ll find most of their droppings near entrances to their tunnels. If you begin to see vole droppings, you should call an exterminator. These animals are good at multiplying, so it’s easy to go from two voles to a dozen.

2. They Eat the Roots of Plants

Another reason people don’t like these rodents is because they destroy landscaping. Their main food source is plant roots and bulbs.

If you have a diverse and healthy garden, voles will destroy it if you’re not careful. Another sign that you have these rodents in your yard is if the grass starts to die and turn yellow.

Fortunately, voles are more prevalent during the cooler months. They don’t like heat on their skin. As a result, you may see lines in your snow in the winter. This is indicative of the tunnels they are making to travel around your yard.

3. They Strip Tree Bark

Lastly, voles don’t just go for the small plants; they like trees as well. This is particularly disheartening, because a damaged tree is hard to replace and save.

Voles tunnel to trees and tear off the bark at the base and the roots. This leaves the tree unprotected from bugs and other dangerous pathogens.

If you don’t want to lose your trees, you should look into finding an exterminator.

Get Rid of Voles

You’ve worked hard to make your lawn look as good as it does. Don’t let voles or other pests ruin it. Instead, call our team at A-1 Exterminators. We’ll help you get rid of these pests and protect your home.

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