Pest control is something every homeowner hopes to not need. However, pre-emptive planning with these services will help you avoid seeing exterminators like us as often.

Despite our charming personalities, we know you don’t want to have to call us to solve problems in your home. It’s much better to schedule a simple routine spraying every quarter than to schedule infestation eradication or other lengthy procedures.

Here at A-1 Exterminators, we want your home to be as protected as possible. That’s why we give you all the resources you need to stop infestations before they start. With regular inspections and seasonal care, you’ll quickly reduce the chance of pest problems.

Green Home Care

Your Holladay home provides shelter to the most important things in life, your loved ones.

As a family-owned company, we know that protecting your family goes beyond just removing insects. It also involves creating a safe environment.

Our products and sprays help achieve this goal. Unlike other companies, we don’t use toxins in our mixtures that are harmful to humans or the environment.

All our supplies are environmentally friendly and sustainable. We believe in not only giving you a clean home, but a clean world to live in as well. Don’t settle for a team that promises any less.

Harsh chemicals can cause just as much damage as bug infestations.

pest control Holladay Utah

Office Pest Control Services

The home and office are the two places you spend most of your time. Protecting your home is a given, but have you thought about safeguarding your office as well?

Break rooms and desks where workers eat lunch are areas that are extremely appealing to outside critters. Even with daily cleaning services, you can end up with cockroaches, termites or other insects.

Sitting back and hoping to avoid the worst isn’t a good business strategy. As the owner of the office, you’re responsible for making sure that your employees are well protected.

If one of your employees gets bitten by a venomous spider, even once, you could face expensive liability costs. The easiest solution is to schedule routine spraying every quarter. This will help you avoid infestations and protect your team from the most common invaders.

Schedule an Appointment in Holladay

Pest control is best used pre-emptively. If you suspect a problem in your home or office, you should contact our team. Insect populations grow rapidly and cause damage.

Every week you wait, you’ll incur more costs and setbacks. Here at A-1 Exterminators, we’re dedicated to helping you avoid problems from the start. You don’t need to wait until you hear scurrying in the walls to call us.

In fact, we discourage it! Even simple inspections with our team can save you money and hours of time. Call us today to talk about our pest control solutions. There is no concern or worry too small for our team to resolve.