Pest control gives you the power to protect your home and family in Draper, Utah.

We know that life gets busy and it’s easy to fall behind on tasks. However, delaying pest control is a poor choice for your home. This solution works best when it’s used on a regular basis to prevent pests before they become infestations.

If you wait too long for spring or fall inspections, you could end up with a much bigger problem at hand. Our team here at A-1 Exterminators helps you gain control over your home and the area surrounding it.

Outdoor Pest Control

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Even if your home is sealed tightly, pests can still wreak havoc on your yard and property. Not only do many outdoor pests carry disease, but they also damage your home value.

Draper homes and lawns are known for their pristine quality, and we’re sure yours is no exception.

The time you’ve taken to care for and improve your yard should not be wasted because some outdoor pests decided to move in. Voles, pigeons, skunks, wild animals, wasps and many more love to invade yards.

Each of these pests poses a risk to your family. Droppings and other excrement can contain parasites. Scratches and bites are easily infected, and stings can set off allergic reactions.

The better option is to prepare yourself with a quality exterminator and animal control specialist. That’s where our team comes in. Here at A-1 Exterminators, we know how to handle a diverse group of pests.

From spiders to bats and everything in between, we’ve got the skills to rid your property of pests. Our experience has grown over the last 50 years, allowing us to be one of the best in Draper.

If you’ve got an outdoor pest posing a risk to your home and family, you need a team that can handle it fast.

General Insect Control for Draper

Changing seasons and temperatures often inspire bugs and rodents to search out new homes. Unfortunately, many times they end up where they smell food, which is in the home.

One of the options you can take is to wait for the crowd to move in and then target the problem ones specifically. However, we know there’s a better way.

Our team utilizes a general insect control solution that targets about 30 of the most common pests in Draper. It kills the ones in your home and prevents others from coming for the next two months.

It’s an effective solution that can be used as often or as infrequently as is necessary. There is no contract required, so there’s little risk involved for you as well.

Call our team at A-1 Exterminators and see how you can regain the power in your home with pest control solutions.